The mission of the Legal Council of the Ministry of Economy and Finance are the following:


  • The consistency between the laws and the other relevant regulations
  • The Smoothness and efficiency in the interpretation and the implementation of the law and regulations

Review and Evaluation

  • On the effectiveness of the implementation of the laws and regulations to be implemented

Review and Approval

  • The draft law and the draft of the amendment law, laws and regulations interpretation, and other beside the regulations which are made daily and regularly
  • The meaning of the important draft contract having high sensibility or being not the contract to be made in the daily framework
  • The solution of the lawsuit or any litigation
  • The requests send the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance to protect the legal interests of the Ministry with the relevant institutions
  • To put into use officially the compilation of the law and regulation by sectors, sample administrative letter, series of contract model proposed by the secretariat


  • The participation to review and discuss with the Ministry or institution of the Royal Government or in the inter-ministries meeting work on drafting law and other legal regulations